RASCAN-5/7000 is a lightweight, portable holographic radar system intended for sounding structural components of buildings (brickwork, wall panels, cast in place concrete and reinforced concrete, etc.) for detection of buried objects (wiring, reinforcement, voids, various kinds of discontinuities and foreign bodies). Software forms representation of the internal structure of examination area.

RASCAN-5/7000 produces plan view gray scale images of the subsurface objects using five simultaneous frequencies. The images can be focused by special algorithms for improving their resolution.

RASCAN-5/7000 radar can be applied in the following areas:
  • Counterintelligence activities for detecting of bugging devices (TSCM — technical surveillance counter-measures);
  • Operative inquiry activities of law-enforcement agencies;
  • Surveying of building structures for determining the position of defects, reinforcement, voids and other heterogeneities;
  • NDT&E of heat protection systems of space ships and rockets;
  • Inspection of the objects of culture heritage.



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