The Remote Sensing Laboratory was established in the system of radio industry of USSR in 1981. In the initial period of the laboratory existence the basic direction of works was the research in the field of reception of the microwave images for various objects on a background of surface with the help of mm wave radiometers. Together with other organizations the methods of digital registration of radiometer signals and also subsequent processing of the recording images on the computers were fulfilled. Some years ago the employees of laboratory began a cycle of works on application subsurface radar for recording of the images of objects located at shallow depth in building constructions and other opaque media. As a result of research the method of continuous wave multi-frequency sounding for the condensed medium was developed.

On the basis of the developed method holographic subsurface radar RASCAN was designed and put into production. It is intended for sounding of building designs with high resolution. A group of the laboratory employees, who developed the RASCAN radar, are Russian Federation Government prizewinners in the field of science and technology. The RASCAN radar has found its place in the market of Russia and abroad. Results of the research in field of subsurface holographic radars are reflected in the numerous publications. They had been reported both at the international and domestic scientific conferences. In many aspects the conducted in the laboratory research can be applied to humanitarian demining operations.

From 2001 up to now the Laboratory is a department of the oldest and most advanced Russian technical university — the Bauman Moscow Technical University, see also photo.

Bauman Moscow Technical University

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